Introducing PicStackr

The app that helps you create an album collection from your camera roll!

PicStackr iphone photos app, the ios photo app for managing your camera
PicStackr iphone photos app, the ios photo app for managing your camera

PicStackr helps you go through the photos on your phone, old and new so that you can organise them into albums. PicStackr was built with user experience in mind, with the aim of producing the easiest and most fun way to manage your camera roll. Using simple swipe and tap, you can easily add photos to albums and delete unwanted images.

PicStackr iphone photos app, the ios photo app for managing your camera

PicStackr tries to simplify the experience so you can enjoy going through your photos. The app is the modern version of going through old photos and sorting them into stacks. It’s an attempt to simulate the same experience you get when you get a roll of film, or a disposbale camera developed and go through them.


After using PicStackr you’ll have organised your photos into a meaningful album collection that you can use to print or share easily with others. Years from now you’ll be able to go back and know exactly where all those photos are kept.


You can go through your camera roll, or the different albums on your phone. You can create new albums easily using PicStackr. Click Undo at the bottom to reverse the last thing you did.

Easily turn years of photos into an organized album collection

PicStackr iphone photos app, the ios photo app for managing your camera
PicStackr iphone photos app, the ios photo app for managing your camera


We fully intend to create more detailed descriptions of how you can use PicStackr. Here’s some examples of how we expect you to use it, if you’ve got other ways its benefiting you, please send us a message or comment below

  • Sharing
    • Using PicStackr to go through and create albums allows you to easily prepare all the photos you want to share. You can share individual photos, or using the iPhone Photos app to share entire albums. In a future version, you won’t have to leave PicStackr to do that.
  • Printing
    • Using the Share button you can easily print individual photos at home, or by creating albums you can easily upload photos to online printing providers such as Shutterfly and Photobox. These services are great for creating photo books, collages, cards, everything and anything related to Photo printing they can help you with
  • Disk Space
    • If you have a lot of photo, but not a lot of space on your device, a great feature of PicStackr is that it tells you how much space you’ll save by deleting the photos you add to the trash can. The helps you go through you old and new photos so you can delete unwanted photos and duplicates
  • Travelling
    • When you go abroad and especially to different countries is great to keep all the photos together so that you can see where you’ve been and what photos are from where. Keep them all in order with PicStackr
  • Working
    • PicStackr is very useful for people that use photos at work a lot. People who take photos of receipts for expenses, take photos of white boards or chalkboards will all help to keep them together and organized.

Future of PicStackr

This version is really a base version to build on. We want to improve the user friendliness of the app and incorporate user feedback. The next version should provide more functionality allowing people to keep track of which photos have already been sorted through. It will provide the ability to add a photo to more than one album at a time. Users may have the option to see photos displayed full sized by default, reducing in size as they move. PicStackr will provide an album management page, improved trash folder and eventually sync up with printing services and other third parties to help people to use their photos even more.

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