Frequently Asked Questions

PicStackr provides a quick and easy way for you to create albums and add photos to them. PicStackr Integrates with the iPhone Photos app where the albums will be created. PicStackr also provides a way to delete photos fast. Deleted photos are moved to the Recently Deleted photo so no photos deleted by PicStackr are permanently deleted until they are cleared from there.

PicStackr can remove photos from the camera roll by deleting them, but it does not move them into different albums and take them out of the Camera Roll. This would not be possible with the current iOS. A reference is made to the photo in the camera roll so the album knows that it’s meant to be there

A reference is made to the original photo in the camera roll, and therefore a new image is not created or copied to the album so no additional storage should be taken up by creating albums

You can reset the trash folder by resetting the app. Double click the Home button  to go into multitasking mode and swipe up on PicStackr

Not immediately, as PicStackr works with the iPhone Photos Application, it moves the photos to the Recently Deleted folder in there. They will self delete over a period of time, although this could vary on user settings. To permanently delete photos, go to the Recently Deleted folder and empty it!